Financial Planners and Advisors

Ever tried to get a financial planner to help you and they seem to be pushing a product or service onto you and didn’t seem to care about the most important person… YOU.

We know how that feels and we have created a site just for you. Welcome to Arishine Financial. The place professional people like you come to get the right financial advice. We have hand selected our financial advisors and all of them come highly recommended. There are literally decades of years of experience within the financial advisors who have been chosen and are working in your best interest.

We have thousands of financial planners all vying for your business and want to make sure you leave with a great smile, more money in your wallet and the satisfaction that you have made the right choice.

Financial Planners

Choosing the right financial planner- It’s our reputation on the line.

Financial planning can be a mine field of information and we would suggest you check out our articles which have been designed to take the pain out of choosing the right financial planner.
Some of the concerns people tell us when choosing a financial advisor iS: how can I trust him with my money? and, I don’t have time to be researching the right financial advisor.
Your advisor is not aligned with any organisation and therefore is fully independent. This means that your advisor will be:

  • Recommended by someone who has had an amazing experience with a financial adviser
  • Come highly qualified and may be members of either a CFP, AFA or other ethical organisations
  • Highly experienced and results orientated because results speak louder than words.
  • Also have a code of conduct and ethics for which they follow and value.

Choosing a financial adviser- we use the Grandmother Test

Financial AdvisorWould you refer your financial adviser to your grandmother? If the answer is no then it’s time to fill in our two minute form: You will be glad you did.
We don’t align ourselves with financial planners that are focused on the latest fad or hype and are not interested in you. While there are some high risk investments that may suit some people, we mentally hold your hand through the process and make it easy, simple, and painless and explain the risks associated with any investment you make.
All our financial planners are rated by the people that use this site. The higher they are rated, the more clients we will recommend to them. This is a win- win scenario. You win because you get the financial planner that suits your needs and they give you amazing service- win/ win!!
All of our financial planners are police checked which means you can trust the financial planner we recommend. We reference check on all of our financial advisors and search their ABN/ ACN and ASIC to make sure they are suitable for your purpose.

Don’t take our word for it, access the testimonials page for more information. You’ll be glad you did.

Choosing a financial advisor- what if I English is not my first language?

If English is not your first language this is fine too. Just let us know in our 2 minute form. Australia is the place for culture and we have a financial adviser who speaks your language and is a perfect fit for you. Remember we have a network of 100s of financial planners Australia wide who can make dealing with your finances a breeze. If you speak Vietnamese, Mandarin, Italian, Greek, Hindi, Russian or any other language in between just fill in our 2 minute form and let us know your preference for language and we will happily accommodate.

How many financial advisers do you know who provide a guarantee?

We provide a guarantee which is exclusive to Arshine Financial and is one of the first in the financial planning industry. If you’re not entirely happy with the written recommendations provided by your financial planner, we will refund the cost of completing any written advice (called a Statement of Advice) for you . Please refer to our terms and conditions page to see how this will work for you. In our experience you will never have this worry because we will be hold your hand through the process and getting your feedback along the way. If you’re not happy tell us, if you are happy tell everyone.

Financial Advisers

How do I get started with Arishine financial planning?

It’s so easy. All you do is fill in our two minute form- you’ll be glad you did.

We make it simple to see a financial planner. When you fill in the form, you can ask:

  • for the financial planner to call you to book in your best time for you or
  • Even better… we will book in a financial planner for you.

We’ll ask some simple questions like if you smoke and your age and what you are looking to do. Once you fill in the form we can then give you an indicative quote on what you will need to invest to get the right advice now.

Here are some of the areas people like you need help with:

  • Protecting the income and family
  • Self Managed Super Funds
  • Superannuation
  • Cash flow and budgeting
  • Retirement and retirement planning
  • Transitioning to retirement
  • Making sure you maximise your government entitlement like your health care card and aged pension.
  • Setting up your finances
  • Wills and testamentary trusts
  • Investments and cash flow
  • Shares and managed funds
  • Maximising your tax effectiveness

Which area stands out to you? Most people are inquiring about shares and managed funds. Do these areas match up to your needs?

What’s exciting about this is it doesn’t matter. We have access to so many financial planners- we have the one for you. We have risk specialists and self managed super fund specialists and investments and wealth creation experts. It’s likely we even have a financial planner that deals with your occupation mainly. When you fill in our two minute form you tell us your occupation and then we match your occupation to the most exclusive financial advisor in your location. Getting started is easy-.Fill in our two minute enquiry form-You’ll be glad you did.

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What do you pay to us to get financial advice?

Don’t worry- you don’t pay anything to us directly. We get paid by the financial advisers. This is a free service to you where we take all the hassle and worry out of getting financial advice.
This site and mobile apps save you time by comparing top financial advisers so you don’t have to. The unique display and two minute quote form makes it easy to compare what’s best for you.

Financial Advice

So how do you pay your financial planner?

Some of our clients prefer a fee for service while others prefer a commission structure or hybrid. With our 2 minute questionnaire you can choose the financial planner that best suits your needs and financial structure. Also with most of our planners there may be no direct cost to you for using their service.
If you’re running a business in Melbourne than we know how hard it can be to get your finances in order. Just as you’d use someone local for removalists or computer repairs, we use local financial advisors in your area and are happy to drive to you. So with limited time, you’ll save even more money.
If you would like to see the financial planner outside of hours, that’s not a problem. When you fill in our 2 minute form you can choose the hour and location where you would like to meet your financial planner. The best place to have your consultation is in the comfort of your home. In that way, you can relax and chat about your future.

Some Final thoughts about financial planning

Owning property like Melbourne townhouse builders is one of the dreams and goals of most people in Australia but it is one of the hardest goals to achieve. One thing that stops most people achieve their goals is lack of financial planning. This is where an Arishine financial planner can help you.
If your finances are not in order we can help. We are not magicians but our planners are passionate about assisting those in need. Remember even Donald trump has been bankrupt. Australia is a great place to go out for coffee. But sadly this is exactly the behaviours which may prevent you becoming wealthy or financial free. Financial planning is not just about getting your life insurance together. If you’re a Tradie or professional it is about putting an easy to follow budget in place which still allows you the freedom to enjoy life. If you want to travel outside Australia for your summer or winter holiday, then fill in our 2 minute form to find out more- you’ll be glad you did.