Find a Financial Planner or Advisor in Australia

Find a Financial Planner or Advisor in Australia

Do you have time to manage your finances? We have 168 hours in the wee and anything up to 136 hours is used sleeping, working and eating. When are you going to relax and enjoy yourself? If you have kids or want to keep your house clean then most of the rest of the time is gone. The rich and the poor person have the same amount of hours yet the rich use the more wisely. Why??

Its because they understand leverage. You can have the same access too. We share your pain and this is the reason we have created this website, to help business professionals like you relax and have more time enjoying yourself. If you’re a lawyer, doctor, sales person or a tradie we have a financial planner for you and can make sure you relax enjoy yourself and have more time with your family or yourself. You deserve it.

Research and find the right financial adviser

If you’re not from the financial planning industry, knowing what to look for, is like trying to fix a broken television- it is pretty hard right? The pages on this website are gold. Not only are you given the information and articles to help you choose the right financial planner, we actually take the guess work and hard ache out of this exercise by doing it all for you and providing you up to three financial planners to choose. We’ll even book the appointment in for you or get the financial planner to call you to save you the time and hassle. If you want to access this service, just fill in our two minute form- you’ll be glad you did.

So here are some things to look for when trying to find an adviser:


[acc_item title="(1) Check their ABN and/ ACN"]How long have they been trading? Would you want to deal with a financial planner who’s been running his business for 5 minutes? If you’re a business owner you might have second thoughts. The disclaimer on this is a good financial advisor who has been a financial planner for a long time, but may have gone out on his own would be the exception if this financial planner specializes in business owners.[/acc_item][acc_item title="(2) Google the financial planners name and or company"] Check if they have any complaints against them. If you use our service, this step has already been done for you. More importantly what good things are being said about the financial advisor or the financial planning business itself? [/acc_item][acc_item title="(3) Is he or she a member of a professional body"]They should be. Look for membership to the AFA, FPA or IFAAA etc. Also look for if they are an authorised representative or a financial advice business. Only consider advisers who hold an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) and/or are employed by or authorised to represent a business that holds an AFSL. It is important to check where their loyalties lie when they make recommendations: Are they truly independent?

Finally there are financial planner that haven’t followed their industry body’s code of conduct and we would suggest filling in our two minute form to avoid dealing with financial planners that have been suspended by their industry body.

Also make sure an adviser’s licence covers the services you’re looking for. [/acc_item][acc_item title="(4) Alongside the professional points, they are required to do to stay qualified (called CPD points usually), what other education do they partake?"]If the only education they do the required minimum they how are they different to any other financial planner. It’s like going to a heart surgeon who doesn’t know anything different to a GP. How is that helpful to you? We are talking about your financial future and your happiness.[/acc_item][acc_item title="(5) Are they on the cutting edge and up to speed with the latest changes in the industry"]
I would ask them what research they do and how they know there is changes in their industry. How frequently do they check and how do they implement changes. Especially if the change could impact you, it is valuable knowing the information.

You should also check if the adviser has the right experience and qualifications for your needs. Your financial adviser should make recommendations and focus on the services and strategies they can offer you, rather than the products they can sell you.[/acc_item][acc_item title="(6) Are they up to speed with the latest social media options"]Check they are on social media. This is not going to make them a better financial planner in isolation, but there are some financial planners taking full advantage of social media. Some people learn better when see a video or reading an article. There are financial planners out there using services liked YouTube, LinkedIn and make the process and understanding for you much easier.[/acc_item][acc_item title="(7) Check out their financial services guide and see how they are paid and rewarded."] If you use our service and request it, we will send that through to you before they call or before you meet them. Also if you have a preference on how you want to pay for their service this will also be indicated in the financial services guide. This guide will also tell you who owns the company the who adviser works for [/acc_item]

What to expect from our Financial Planners

Some Financial planners will try and give you as little as possible through a phone call and while a plumber could not fix a leaking tap over the phone and a doctor could not diagnose you in an email, we do suggest a financial planner should give you something before your initial meeting.

For instance if your financial adviser says they can’t give you any information about their services or products they offer unless you have a meeting or provide all your personal details, then it is time to fill in our two minute form and get one of our financial planners the opportunity to help you achieve your personal and financial goals

To help us refer you to the right financial planner and to ensure you get the right kind of service, if you could attached your current products/ information on our secure form that would be help you. You see some advisers are not able to advise of your product because it is not part of their suite or “approved product list”. Be careful of advisers who only sell one investment product or solution.

How to pay your Financial Advisor

Of course most financial planners offer a complimentary introductory meeting but if you wish to engage their services, there may be an investment. When you fill in your two minute form lets us know how you would prefer to invest something. On our two minute form you can indicate how you would like to engage your financial adviser. Some financial planners can even take you’re your investments to them out of your superannuation, so there is no direct cost to you. So here are some other things to consider

  • Do any commissions from insurance products cover your investment
  • Does your financial planner charge a fee for service
  • Does your financial planner rebate any commissions back to you in lieu of a fee?
  • How will you pay if there is a gap?

You can pay some financial planners with a flat fee, like $2,500.00 for advice and financial plan, you may pay some an annual amount based on how much money you have invested like 1% of all money invested. This works well because if they make you money you win and they win. Others charge by the hour and some can work with a payment model that best suits you.

Bottom line is let us know what your preference is and we can engage one of our Financial advisers that meets you need ,expectation and budget.

Melbourne or Sydney.

How are financial planners different to Accountants and Stockbrokers?

As you will be engaged with your Financial Planner more than once choosing the right planner is an important decision and it is critical to get someone like us to make recommendations to you based on previous client experience and profile. Here are what financial advisors do.

  • Advise clients on how best to save, invest, and grow your money.
  • Help you tackle a specific financial goal like saving up for a trip to Hawaii or helping you put a strategy in place to buy a house.
  • Helping you with your finances and giving you a bird eye view of your money and the interplay of your various assets.
  • Some specialise in retirement or estate planning,

Don’t confuse Financial Adviser with stockbrokers or accountants. Stockbrokers are more involved with buying and selling shares, options CFDs etc. Accountants help you lower your tax bill and help you with complicated tax matters.

The bottom line is there are some financial planners that are affiliated with stock brokers, mortgage brokers and accountants. If you can access these other services as well, then you will get more value from your service.

On the last section of the 2 minute form, you can indicate other services you may be interested in. We will assist by linking you to financial planners who have these current relationships in place. We can also provide your details to our recommended suppliers if required.