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Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame explained in 1999 that by 2010 there would be 3 tax payers to every retired pensioner . The reality is he isn’t off the mark. The actuall figure right now is 2.23 tax payers to 1 pensioner. What’s more by 2023 there would be one tax payer to every retired person. When do you see yourself retiring and how much money do you see yourself retiring on? Do you think there will be enough money if only one tax payer is require to support you?

Scary right?

If you’re under 30 and like most of the business owners and professional employees like doctors, lawyers we speak to, they don’t want to be working until their 65.

If you’re over 30 or approaching retirement it is not too late. You are on a path. The question for you is; are you on the right or wrong path? If you’re not where you want to be, fill on our two minute form. When procrastination is a wealth hazard, you’ll be glad you did.

Planners and Advisors Near You.

We have 100s of financial planners serving your needs in areas like Melbourne, Kew, Southbank, South Yarra and Prahran, Box Hill, and then outer suburban and regional areas like Traralgon, Wallan, Sale, Horsham and many, many more.

Your financial advisor is located nearby and are happy to drive to you. The best place to your financial planning appointment is in the comfort of your own home. The most important thing you do is confirm your appointment a couple of days before. Now if you hate wasting time like we do then we would also suggest you have your information ready for the meeting .Not being ready for an appointment is like trying to play Aussie Rules with no ball and expect to have fun- it’s not going to happen. So here are some basic things you can have ready for your appointment to avoid wasting your time:

• Any current insurance policies you have in place.
This is a great time to review them. Do you know how many people are under insured or over insured? Why would you want to pay more than you have to? Fill in our two minute form to get a free review now.
• Any superannuation documents you might have.
Do you know how many superannuation accounts you have? Did you know each superannuation on average is costing you $150.00 per year! If you change jobs a lot this could cost you thousands of dollars a year and reduce your superannuation balance by 20% by the time you retire.
• Any loan documents you might have.
A financial planner worth his weight will review your finances as well. He will review if you’re paying too much interest and if you need to speak to a loan writer or mortgage broker. He could also free up some cash flow to let your live more freely and become more relaxed.
• Any investments you might have.
He is going to want to see these. Did you know a paper loss is still a loss? Your financial advisor may not be a stock broker but can refer you on or can assist you where possible.
• Your assets not mentioned above.
He can move assets around to help with tax benefits or government benefits. It’s important to fill in our two minute form to see how you can save.
• How about Self-Managed Superannuation documents
He will review these things like the trust deed, testamentary trusts, audits, financials returns etc. Are their fees on it, what is the investment mix and is there any insurance?
• A Pay Slip or tax Return.
Did you know there are certain things a Financial Planner can do to reduce your taxable income? Salary Sacrificing is a term most people are familiar with, but a financial planner can help you get the maximum legal entitlement.

The biggest and most exciting thing you can do is understand or come prepared with what you want your life to look like if your financial planner could achieve the goals you wanted to achieve. You don’t have to expect that your financial adviser would help you achieve these goals but come with an open mind and be disciplined enough to implement what your financial planner offers. You’ll be glad you did.

Financial Planners and Advisors in Melbourne

So if you think you’re ready to see a financial planner and start your path towards financial planner. Just fill in our two minute form. You won’t be disappointed.

Financial Planners who speak your language- literally!

If English is not your first language this is fine too. Just let us know on our 2 minute form. Melbourne is the place for culture and we have a financial adviser who speaks your language. We have found there are certain areas where there are a high density of other languages spoken. If you’re in Doncaster and speak Mandarin, Hoppers Crossing and speak Filipino, Dandenong and speak Hindi or in Oakleigh and speak Greek we have the financial planner for you. Remember we have a network in Melbourne of over 100 financial planners, just fill in our 2 minute form and let us know your preference for language and we will happily accommodate.

More than just Financial Planning

So are you off track or on track and have you been able to answer this question? If you have ever experienced a financial planner you have probably had one off three experiences:

(1) you had a great experience
(2) They didn’t add any value
(3) They tried to sell you something you didn’t think you needed

This is exactly why you need to fill in our two minute form. Financial planning is like having your own personal financial coach. They make sure you stay on track and can even design a plan which will get you out of debt and help you save up for your favourite destination.

If your finances are not in order your planner can help get back on track. We are not magicians but our planners are passionate about assisting those in need. Remember even Donald trump has been bankrupt. Melbourne is a great place for having a coffee with friends. But sadly this is exactly the behaviours which may prevent you becoming wealthy or financial free. This was coined by Financial Author David Bach as the “Latte Factor”. Financial planning is not just about getting your life insurance together. If you’re a tradie or professional it is about putting an easy to follow budget in place which still allows you the freedom to enjoy life. If you want to travel outside of Rosebud for your summer holiday or Mount Buller for your winter holiday, then fill in our 2 minute form to find out more.

Do you ever see your Financial Planner?

While we are helping you have an amazing experience with your financial planner, when is the last time she gave you a visit? Melbourne and Victoria is a small place as compared to Western Australia and even New South Wales so why would you want to accept not getting exceptional service from your financial adviser? You should be at least having yearly face to face reviews and if possible three or six monthly meetings to make sure your on track. We want to take the guess work of choosing the right financial planning. We will call and in some instances visit your financial planner and see how things are going? It’s our reputation on the line. Would you accept a second rate plumber? Sadly we are not talking about a leaking tap, we are talking about the health of your financial future. Don’t you deserve the best future you can make? If the answer is yes then let us help now!!

Is your financial planner truly independent?

Some financial planners make claims that they are truly independent. But are they? Some are authorised representatives of financial advice businesses owned by major financial institutions including the four banks and as such the question is uncertain if these planners are acting in your best interest.

We have the luxury of having selection of professionals. They’ll get rated by you and other clients on their ability to provide you true independent and advice that is in your best interest We are looking out for the most important person in this transaction: you. Another words-true independence. Our service allows us to operate freely and without restriction. Because of this, the financial planner we will provide you is free of influence. Advice without influence is advice you can trust.